Tuesday, May 17, 2011

goodbye to you...

Hello amalina..

say hello to me too .. :)

hey darling,
you are big now,
but I'm bigger,

Ohh you are almost leaving my dear !

I'm soooooo happy for it. HAHA

You got B in biology during your SPM,
but now you're joining a medical school,
How come... ??

Well it is because of you yourself,
you strived hard like hell during your "asasi"
(ahh..HELL sangat ke..??)

You done your "asasi" with excel,
a zillion congrats to you..!
tahniah okey..
Sorry I didn't prepared any present for you,
I feel like nothing to give. :)

You applied for overseas seat,
and now you get it,
you should "sujud syukur" lama-lama ok :)

Chances are everywhere,
but a lifetime chance comes only once.
You neglect it today,
you will regret for too many days.
You already got your placement.

and suddenly

you are thinking of letting it go.
Because you said you may not survive there..

Hello !!
Kalau rasa tak boleh survive,
who ask you to apply for overseas..??
??.. ?? ..??

Tiba-tiba rasa sangsi pulak nak pergi ke tak.

Coool okey.

No need to act like you are in dilemma.
You know you want,
you are craving for it,
in fact you tortured me enough to listen to your reasons why you 
really want to go to overseas few days before you are applying 
this seat.

Just grab it dear..
Go and play.
(I mean play with your medical stuffs la..)

No need to worry that much,
that feeling won't help you to make any wise decision.
Well I think you really want it,
that's why you apply for it.


Chill ok ?
Jangan gelabah sangat.
Malaysians ramai kot kat Russia..

Okey lah.

Have fun in your preparations.

4 months in TATI UC.
TATI's members, pliz be good to my sis okey?
(wekk tak kuasa aku.....)

So amalina.
As what Kak Ja selalu pesan,

this is the right path,
never turn back,
go and finish it.

Go and have fun !

Go and learn how to make fun !

Go and find the people that makes you feel fun !


Go, pliss go...
(HAHA I dah tahap menghalau ni...) =P
Here I attach few pictures of us,
if you feel like rindu me,
(of course la kan, I'm your only gooood sister kot)
you can take a look at these pixies....

It's hard to say that I love you,
I really .....

dun feel so.


okey lah, gurau je...
saya sayang awok la..

and I know you will miss nobody than

ME !


smile like alwaysss k.. :)

athilah da lil sweetheart... =)

okey lah. 
cukup dua je la..



no one will guarantee you a bright future,

unless you make a good effort for it.

You shape your life,

you lead yourself,

you are the one who have to switch on the light on your own if

you want to enjoy the shine and brightness.

Work hard to achieve high !

Dare to fight,

dare to fly !

May Allah rewards you for your courageous.



  1. hehe stakat bg kate2 smangat tu boleh la..
    bia ye kuat semangat sket..

    tp bg hok material tu jarang2 ahh...HAHAA


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