Sunday, May 8, 2011

on mom's special day..

Dear mama,

 Mama, thank you for everything.

 Thank you.

 Thank you so much.

 May Allah grant us Jannah so that I can always be with you 

 forever and ever..

 Life is only a meeting point for us,

 but Jannah serves us perfect living to stay,

 so I pray to Allah to let me stay close to you with no fear and

 pain in the Jannah.

 I don't wanna see your hurtful cry anymore.

 1 day,

 either I will lose you or you will lose me first,

 keep in mind that my prayer is always for you,

 and our family.

 When it comes the time to say "goodbye",

 promise me that you will meet me again.

 InsyaAllah we will meet.

 Okey ma,

 take good care of your health.

 May Allah rewards me healthiness so that I can keep 

 my eyes over you and lend my hands for you..

 ..exclusively for you....


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