Sunday, June 26, 2011

-you'll neva know how much you mean to me-

I hope everything will be fine.
hope that I'll be even more stronger after everything that had happened..
hope that people gimme some space to explain..
hope that I can get more bestfriends.. 

hope that I'll be among your best companion..

I hope I can forget bout the past.
hope that the past will not haunt me..
hope that the lessons I learnt in life will turn me into a better me..
hope that my heart will be 24hours-widely-opened to forgive anyone that deserved..

a rose for you :)

I hope that I can ease your sorrow,
hope that I can be a good listener,
a wise speaker,
a mate that calms..

I'm sory if I did something that hurt you.

till we meet again,



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