Monday, June 6, 2011

if you have ever wondered why..... :)

Kenapa ?

kenapa coffee ?

kenapa treat pulak ?

eh kenapa kan ?


Lama gak duk fikir nama yang sesuai.

macam ah nak kasi nama anak kan? haha kalut je aku ni

tapi gitu la.

to be honest, coffee represents me..

coffee is another quarter of me.. (quarter je pon....haha)

coffee wakes me up though it's not the end of December yet.

so yess I'm a coffeeholic !

* (ohh sangat tak suke mempromosikan interest diri sendiri, rasa meluat)


treat is belanja.

you r so baik hati if you like to belanja orang, apatah lagi if you belanja me.

(mix language. i'm sorry. annoying kan? sory peeps..)

so I assume that sharing some informative words, phrases, sayings, like giving you guys a treat.

afterall, that's the only thing I can do here. 

here means alam maya.

so my point is,

I love coffee,

and I wanna serve you coffee as my treat but so sad that it is not possible to be done here.

again, here means alam maya.

so still..I share you some knowledge that I gained from the past 22 years of my life survival.

as for me, knowledge is somehow like coffee..

(read : coffee is crucial)

as crucial as you need knowledge to be installed in your internal heart disc! :>

(mind disc to be exact)

then only it came the idea of turning "sharing knowledge" into "giving a coffe treat" 

ahh faham ke?

tak faham pun takpe.

yang penting kita semua faham,

perkongsian itu amalan yang berkat.




  1. but i still want a coffee =P

  2. get up & make it on ur own..hee

    hav a nice coffee session! :)


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